locally saved PDF keeps reloading the URL in the info panel

Hi. I’m having some trouble with PDFs. There are several that are locally saved. I can get them from the DT database, make copies, and review them on my PDF software (PDF Expert).

However, when I click on the PDF icon from within DT (I have DT Pro), instead of viewing the PDF, instead the URL that’s in the info panel tries to load. (sorry for the grammar).

So, I deleted the URL, and now when I click the icon, DT doesn’t do anything. I woyndered if the URL pointed to the local PDF, but it doesn’t, and when I right click on the icon, it will still take me to the local copy of the PDF in the DT database.

Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!


Please post a screencapture, at least of what you’re clicking on.

Could you also post a screenshot of the Info panel for this item? Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Here is a screen shot. Please let me know if there is any other info that would be helpful. The other thing is that although it appears as a pdf icon, every time i click one of those icons, it seems as if the documents is re-rendering in the preview window.


According to the screenshot the PDF document seems to be displayed, a screenshot of a not working item might be useful. Thanks!

what i was hoping to show by that screen shot is that the globe shows up in the corner, i think indicating that a page was reloading, rather than the PDF simply loading locally.

The globe icon doesn’t mean it’s reloading. It’s just an icon showing a URL is present.