Location and Path features for indexed files

I am indexing Zotero pdf folder in Devonthink Desktop.

When I go to duplicates for some files I have them as duplicates, the Path is the same, but the Location differs (It is probably some temporary Zotero files), when I try to show them in finder they point to the same file in the location

This looks like this

I would like to create a custom search that will show me duplicates, but exclude these “dummy” ones, how can I do that? (one idea is to exclude files with ‘temp’ in their location but I dont know how to do this in DT)

Are these actually duplicates? You’ve clipped off the property icon and aren’t showing duplicates and replicants in color.

I use this search to create the list, Zotero is the external folder with alphanumeric subfolders

The search results looks like that

I also have a smart rule that replicate pdfs to specific folder

but changing in the “Duplicates” the source from Zotero indexed folder to folder with replicates changes nothing.

This tmp files may be related to have store work with pdfs.
I would to have a way to exclude these dummy “duplicates” with tmp in their location (Showing them in finder point to the same Path, only location in Devonthink are different) from Duplicates rule

My need is to have a view with actual duplicates, sometimes I miss double pdf after merging items in Zotero:)