Location Column


Have a SmartGroup that shows all the documents with Ratings within specific subGroups such that they are layered:

In the DT3 interface I have a Column for Location which shows
Document (appears in a separate Name column).

Since the ActiveProjects>ProjectName> are the same for all documents that I have Rated,I don’t need to seen them in the Location Column. I am interested in only seeing ProjectGroup>ProjectSubGroup

Because of the length of the name for each Groups (ActiveProjects>ProjectName>ProjectGroup>ProjectSubGroup>) I have to superwiden the Location column on my wide monitor.

Question: is there any way to exclude the ActiveProjects>ProjectName> and only see ProjectGroup>ProjectSubGroup>) in the Location column? Or is there a workaround?

Hope that this makes sense.

Not built-in.

But it should be possible to get what you want via Custom Meta Data. You probably could create a Smart Rule with an AppleScript that populates the Custom Meta Data, though I’m not sure what trigger to use.

See thread How do I view paths relative to a specific folder?. Didn’t look closely what it does but the AppleScript in this thread could probably be a good starting point for you.

Ha! That’s actually not true. You can get what you want with a little trick:

  • Move the ProjectGroup group to the database’s root
    This changes the location to /ProjectGroup

  • Replicate it from there into the ProjectName group

(This works if the ProjectGroup group wasn’t replicated before moving it.
If it already was replicated it’s a bit complicated but doable)

Food for thought. Thank you @pete31