Location of iCloud Sync Store for DTPO2?

Hello. For various reasons, I’m going to move my sync store for DTPO v2 off of iCloud. I thought I had done this by going into the Sync settings in Preferences and choosing Clean for all of the databases (and they all now have a status of not having been downloaded), but the space does not seem to be freed up on iCloud.

Is there any way I can check within Finder to see if the sync store is really truly gone from iCloud?


  1. You need to make sure all DEVONthink-syncing devices are not syncing to iCloud.
  2. We can’t clean Apple’s servers. That’s iCloud’s job and outside our control. DEVONthink’s clean for iCloud cleans the local sync data it finds, but iCloud has to do its own thing.
  3. Apple hasn’t given good real-time views of this kind of data, but you can go into System Preferences > iCloud and click the Manage button and check how much space is being used by DEVONthink To Go. Once iCloud removes that data - and there’s no way to say how long it will take - DEVONthink To Go will disappear from the list.


I have made sure that nothing is syncing to iCloud any longer.

When I go to iCloud, Manage to see what’s taking up the space, there is no listing for DTPO. However, the space that iCloud is reporting is being taken up by the iCloud Drive top-level folder is IDENTICAL to the amount of space the sync store was taking up, and I have basically nothing in iCloud Drive, so it feels like it can’t possibly be a coincidence.


Thanks again.

There isn’t a listing for DTPO. It is reported as DEVONthink To Go.

is IDENTICAL to the amount of space the sync store was taking up

What sync store ?

Yes. I don’t see that listed in the list of apps anymore.

It’s the same amount of space as was listed when DEVONthink WAS in the list.