Location of indexed folders in DEVONthink's side bar hierarchy

I have a question about the location of indexed folders in the side bar: Why do indexed folders have to be assigned to a database, wether one created by the user or the Global Inbox?

I would prefer them independent from any database. At best in their own sidebar section (like Favorites, Globals, Open Databases, etc.) that can be hidden or shown.

All items have to be stored in a database, the global inbox is just a special database. It doesn’t matter whether the items are imported or indexed, the only difference is the path.

I see. Thank you.

What is the recommended practice to move indexed folders, say, from the Global Inbox into another database?

In the past I did this by simple dragging them, but it occured twice that when doing so the indexed folder was somehow broken up and its subfolders were scattered all over the database.

So is it better to remove the indexed folders and add them again to the place I want them to be? And subsequently to readjust the Smart Rules set to do something to the content the indexed folders?

Moving is the recommended way. Which version did you use?

So is it better to remove the indexed folders and add them again to the place I want them to be?

This is certainly a safer option and let’s you think clearly about what you’re doing since you indexing into the other database intentionallly.

It was a beta from around December. I’m sorry I can’t get more precise.

“Thinking clearly” is the keyword. I got a bit of a mishmash here and that is why I want to re-organize the structure. But this time only after thoroughly thinking it trough.

Thing is I never had used indexed folders. And when I finally did I didn’t do it for the sake of actually indexing them but for dragging content in from them into a database with DT3’s new Smart Rules. It is folder watching instead of indexing and indeed it replaced what Hazel had provided before.

And there starts the mishmash: Since Hazel is a third-party application the destination it moved the files to necessarily had to be the Global Inbox. But importing Smart Rules within DT don’t have no need of using the Global Inbox as an interim location where sorting Smart Groups pick the files up because the importing Smart Groups in a second step could distribute them directly to their respective groups.

So it doesn’t really make sense to keep these indexed folders in the Global Inbox where I had put them as the Global Inbox is no more involved in the whole file moving process at all.

But locating these indexed folders in the Global Inbox has one benefit: They were not visible because I have the Global Inbox collapsed in the sidebar and I almost never select it as Smart Rules move its content instead of me. And I don’t need or want these technically indexed but actually just watched folders to be visible. Hence my initial question.

Right now I am ruminating to locate them in their target database’s inbox which I keep collapsed and almost never select either. But I am still undecided if that’s the best solution. And the above mentioned not so good experiences when moving indexed folders are quite not encouraging me to try all the different options. Not to mention the recalibration of a number of Smart Rules required for every try.

An option to hide single items and not just whole sections in the sidebar would come nifty.