Location of New Groups -- Did this change?

So I upgraded from 1.2.? to 1.3.3b3 (or something similarly unintelligible) and added a new group. The new group was created as a child of the old group, rather than on the same level with the old group. I actually prefer new groups being created by default as on the same level as the old group.

I poked around for an option to change this, but couldn’t find one. Am I making this up? Did this really change recently? Is there really no option to change this behavior, or am I merely blind or incompetent (or both)?

Yes, it changed, in response to numerous user requests. See Version History and online Help.

In a still earlier version, it behaved like the new mode, and some users requested that it be modified to the behavior that you had become accustomed to seeing.

So here’s another of those cases where Christian had designed a procedure. Users started posting requests to modify it. Christian then modified it. Then users started posting requests to modify it. Christian then modified it (essentially, back to square one of his design).

I doubt that Christian will change it again. :slight_smile:

My kingdom for a checkbox.

Speaking of UI issues, I like to make a good photo my “front end” to DT Pro when I’m not actively working in a database.

See “DT Pro Front End” at http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/FileSharing.woa/wa/default?user=wbdeville&templatefn=FileSharing5.html&xmlfn=TKDocument.5.xml&sitefn=TKSite.2.xml&aff=consumer&cty=US&lang=en.

Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany has lots of artwork. A very pleasant place, and Eric’s home town. I took this picture during a DEVONtechnologies meeting, and look forward to lots more pictures next month, when we’ll meet in Malta.