Location of replicants

Is there any way to identify the location of a number of replicants of a note without doing a search?

Richard Bullen

I am longing for that information and requested it. Ditto for Duplicates.


I would love e.g. a contextual menu item “reveal replicants” (of the selected item)

I second your wish!

Add my vote. And like Maria, the same for duplicates.


Yes: what everybody said!

Me too, please!

Like Maria ‘I am longing for that information’, for replicants and duplicates.


A search can reveal duplicates. Note that it’s possible for duplicates to have differing names. Example: I’ve got duplicate instances of bookmarks for the CNN web site in my database. One is named “CNN” and the other is named “CNN.com”. But if one does a search based on the content, e.g. a phrase in one of the duplicate documents, that document and its duplicates will have the same search rating and will be listed together or very close together. And of course the search listing displays the group location of each result. If one is selected, Command-R will display it in a view of its group, so that it can be deleted if desired.

I don’t use searches to find replicants. That doesn’t work.

But if I’ve selected a document that has been replicated (as indicated by a red italicized name), I can navigate among its various instances by selecting Go > Next Instance. This is much like using the “Reveal” command, so one can see the group location of each instance. If there are only 2 instances, selecting Go > Next Instance once more will return to the initial instance – and so on. One can check the Info panel of a replicant to see how many replicants exist.

There’s not a convenient command to provide a list of replicants and their locations. Perhaps one of these days, Maria. :slight_smile:

But a search on the content can serve to locate duplicates. This works well if one selects a rather uncommon string, presses Command-/ to invoke the Search window with that string entered, then performs a Phrase/Exact search across the database.

Bill, with “…” the complex procedure starts. It is just a workaround, a list would be fine!

This does not work under all circumstances, in my case, almost never. I have discussed that with Christian, it seems to depend on which view I use etc. For me, it looks like random behaviour (though I know it is not), and a few days ago I was most surprised to see the menu command “next instance” not greyed out. … I wish for more consistency.

I like these days, Bill! :slight_smile:


Hi, Maria:

I know. :slight_smile:

If you start with Revealing a replicant in the topmost (root) view of the database, the Go > Previous or Next commands should work consistently.

Question: If you select an item and the Go commands to view replicants are grayed out, is the selected item an email message transferred by script?

Hi Bill,

there are no emails in my database and nothing transferred by script, so this should not be the case.