Locations within PDFs

I’m still learning my way around DEVONthink and am hopeful someone can answer two questions related to how DEVONthink deals with locations in PDFs.

First, when looking through search results, DEVONthink jumps to the first location in each document containing my search terms. This can sometimes be very helpful, but I deal mostly with journal articles, and I’m frequently more interested in seeing just the first page of each document found in the search rather than the search term itself. Is there a way to switch the “jump to first location of search term” feature off/on?

My second, related question is that DEVONthink “remembers” my last location in each pdf. This can frequently be very helpful, but again, when browsing through documents like journal articles I’m frequently more interested in the first page (which has title, abstract, etc.) than the last page I looked at in the document. Is there a way to switch the “remember last location in each document” feature off/on?

Thanks in advance!

Both features can’t be disabled right now.

Oh well. Thanks for replying though!