Locked Files how to unlock?

I was playing around with DT3 and went to the Tools menu & selected both “Apply Rules” and “perform rules” - automatic locking. I now find all my notes are locked. I can work out how to unlock them individually, but I have about 10,000 notes in 500 groups.

Can anyone tell me how to easily unlock them all. Luckily I haven’t synched DT3 since this happened and DT2 still has them unlocked.

You might be able to do something along the lines of this smart rule:


but it would depend on the format of your notes (you could also select “Plain Text”, “Rich Text” or “Markdown” instead of “Formatted Note”). Of course, if there are other items you wish not to unlock you would need to be a little cautious about using the rule—but you might cover that issue by limiting the scope of the rule (e.g., to the specific folder(s) containing the notes).

I’m sure someone else will have a much more sophisticated solution so don’t despair if this is no help!


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It seems you always have simple and beautiful tips by utilising the full capacity of smart rule!

Thanks for the kind comment—but it’s only because I’ve not dared to tackle Apple Script! :grin:

I do love smart rules, though, and hope their vocabulary will continue to be developed and extended.


and DT2 still has them unlocked.

You shouldn’t be running 2 and 3 simultaneously, in case you are.

And to add to @Stephen_C’s suggestion, you can use Kind is Any Document.

Also, I suggest you (and everyone) browse through the built-in Help.

The only reason I didn’t suggest that was in case the OP had locked files other than “notes” and wished for those other files to remain locked.