Locked images in DT created RTFs

I tend to capture Web archives or Formatted notes, if the page has a coloured background, I then covert to RTF to get a white background. What I’ve noticed, as sometimes the images come in at odd sizes, I double-click an image, resize it in Preview, then on save it updates in the RTF. But other times I do this and I get a messages:

The original document can’t be changed. so a duplicate with your changes has bee create.

When I save now, I am prompted to find a new location for the image, and the size isn’t updated in the RTF.

As it is DT that has created the RTF in all instances, and I haven’t used a third-party app to edit, why are the images locked sometimes and not other times? Is there an easy way to unlock the document, so the update images as expected on save?


Is the document located in the global inbox? In this case Preview (and IMHO only this app) refuses to update the original and creates a copy instead.

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Yes. I get you now. That is likely the random thing.

Just recreated the RTF in a different database, and yes I can edit it. I had to recreate it in the new location, as just moving it, while the error message went away, the size change wouldn’t stick. It appeared to have saved the change in Preview, but no change of size in the RTF, then checking the Preview version, the requested sizing had not been applied.

Recreating the RTF from the original capture in a different database has fixed the issue. Thanks.