Locked pdf items in DTTG

I feel that I must be missing something here, but after I lock a pdf in DTTG (by clicking the padlock icon in its info panel) I am still able to call up the annotation toolbar through a long press on the pdf and then I am able to markup the pdf in various ways. The annotations then sync back to the Mac. I thought that locking an item prevented both deletion and modification?

As a second point, I am able to annotate the pdf without going into Edit mode. Is the Edit mode redundant for pdf items?

I am using the latest DTTG and latest iOS on an iPad Pro.

It’s not intentionally “redundant” and entering Edit mode is the appropriate mechanism. I am filing a bug on this.

Thanks Jim - will the bug report also include the fact that I am able to annotate a locked pdf on iOS?

Separate issue. Cheers!

Fixed for version 2.4.1.