Locked Records

Any way to have a beep or other alarm when attempting to edit a locked record? Or at least a larger, more vibrant padlock icon?

I use the same name for a new record containing more up-to-date material and then lock the older record of the same name that might be somewhat obsolete.

A problem occurs after a search and then inadvertently trying to edit a record without noting the current small gray padlock icon.

Why not change the name, or add a label, or move the obsolete record to an “Obsolete” folder?

It’s mostly the result of a search that causes a problem for me. Different names adding “obsolete” or “locked” to the existing name is one approach that makes a padlocked record more visible. Also a label icon with a vibrant color helps compared to the grayish padlock icon.

I’d just like some preference to on/off an alarm when attempting to edit a locked record. It would be more universal regardless of circumstance and not so much of a workaround.