Log always pops up

The help system states "Uncheck Show log automatically to prevent the log popping up automatically. " So I have unchecked “Show log automatically” in the log window.

The log continues to pops up on every warning or error. How do I disable this? The setting has no apparent effect.

Is it the Log that is popping up, or the Activity Window? Perhaps the latter, I would guess. The Activity Window opens whenever a sync is occurring. It should disappear automatically after the sync is finished.

Both the activity window and the log window keep popping up.

The Activity window never goes away and there appears to be no setting to disable it showing up.

The Log window pops up whenever there is a warning or error regardless of the setting.

The same thing happens to me. Not the Activity Window (which behaves as expected), but the Log. I’ve tried checking “Show log automatically” then closing the window then unchecking it again when the Log opens up again, but nothing seems to work. This is actually not a new issue for me: it’s been happening for years now.

Yes… this is happening to me too. Every time there is an error the log window pops up and does not go away. And unfortunately, due to my flaky internet connection, the sync fails very often and so this useless (for my needs) window is popping up over and over all day long.

Unchecking the “Show log automatically” box at the bottom of this window is not making any difference.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

+1. My understanding is that in the case of ‘severe’ problems the log windows shows up regardless of the button’s setting. A temporarily down internet connection is pretty common for me too, but DT judges it to be severe enough to warn about. I would suggest that DT could be a bit more strict in judging what is important enough to bring up the log window.

The next maintenance release will revise this and the Log should be opened less often.

Do realize this is a very subjective thing. One thing may be trivial to one person, and incredibly important to another. Just something to consider.

For what it’s worth, I’m still seeing this happen. When pretty much any change occurs, the log window shows up (the ‘show automatically’ button is not checked). Then, when I CMD+Tab to DEVONthink, it just shows me the log window, which I have to close before getting to an actual DEVONthink database window.

I realize this might be the appropriate behavior, and that people will have different thresholds for what they consider relevant information. Still, it would be nice to be able to either set the threshold yourself, or have some other way to prevent the log from popping up. (Attached is the image of the log that was the active window when I CMD+Tabbed while writing this.)