Log Messages wont clear they come back

I get lots of log messages about missing or skipped files. How can I clear these completely, I clear them and they come back. I am syncing via iCloud CloudKit and have completely resynced everything cleanly and verified, etc.

Some of the messages are:
skipped empty file, missing of database “dbname”.

How can I properly resolve these hundred of errors without having to remediate each one individually?

I realise this is not an answer to your question, but it might help on the route to an answer:

  • why have you got empty files?
  • are you indexing files?
  • have you verified both the database(s) and the sync store?

Page 182 of the current DEVONthink Manual provides more information of missing files.

I will check again. I removed all sync stores and created the new one using the new CloudKit. On Mac primary I enabled sync then let it fully sync and verified. Then on my iPad I enabled sync and let it do its thing until complete. Upon syncing I get these meds on both devices. I did delete and remove these files awhile ago so the messages most from what I noticed are files I removed deleted or whatever so no big deal. Just need to clear these messages for good so I have valid concern with new messages.

Ok; that still leaves the question as tho whether the files were/are indexed or not? If so, did you delete them from within DT or from Finder? And have you emptied the trash in DT since?

I deleted from DT and also emptied the trash.

In case of missing files you can use the contextual menu to move them to the trash (or to reveal them in the database for further investigation). After emptying the trash these messages should be fixed.

When you said in your first post that you had “resynced everything cleanly”, does that mean that in the preferences in DT you selected “Clean location…” from the context menu of the iCloud (CloudKit) entry in the locations in sync? This post suggests that doing that should actually solve the “missing of database” issue.

Criss, as the OP reports that hundreds of files are affected and that those files were deleted from within DT and the trash emptied, might there be any way to solve the issue in one go rather than having to do it file by file?

The contextual menu’s Move To Trash item can be also used in case of multiple “missing file” messages selected.

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Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files

Thanks for all the help. I was able to find all the files of 0 bytes and delete them. Also cleaning up the others using the reveal and removing them. Not sure how the issue was created from the initial deletion/moving. Some of the files actually existed by name for example File0 with normal bytes and File0 with 0 bytes, I deleted the 0 byte and all good. Resyncd every device and all looks good.

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Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: