Long Running Tasks Blocking DT3: Some Multitasking Options Available?

Scenario: MacPro 2010, 8 cores, 64 GB RAM, macOS 10.14, DT3 3.0.4

Observation: When indexing a large number of files or doing a lot of OCR-reading in batch, DT3 is showing a task progress bar and the main program is showing the spinning ball or not reactive in other ways (except GUI primitives). Inspecting what’s going on inside the machine I see one CPU core is under load, seven are sitting around idling. This feels a little bit like a time slip back to the 90’s.

Question: Did I miss some setup or preferences option to make use of some parallelism or is this intended (because only possible) behavior?

Thank your very much for as short hint or statement.

What kind of files and how many of them do you index? Certain types are indexed in the background but types which are processed very fast (e.g. HTML, text, Markdown etc.) are indexed on the main thread as that’s more efficient and usually only a small delay. But OCR should be always performed in the background.

TL;DR: Everything’s OK now.

After now having made up my mind and bought the Pro license in between, here are some new corrections:

  • The OCR-Reading was blocked by a dialog box in background because I was exceeding the free amount count of OCR’ing documents. After this barrier has vanished, this happens in background now.

  • The long running indexing-task covered my whole specialized IT library of about 10k titles, mostly PDF from small one to some hundred pages, about 250 epubs mostly longish, and some webarchives of about less than 100 pages in sum at average but with a huge amount of small files. This is for sure neither a daily nor even a monthly recurring task.

The blocking part had obviously been reading in all the documents from an WebDAV path. I decided to do it this way with the aim to replicate the resulting database, which then has absolute references to the original books and papers, no matter of the location of access - from inside the LAN, or from the outside by DTTG. For obvious reasons I do not want to replicate the original data to mobile devices.

All that said, I definitely can live with it as is.
Thanks a lot for your time and attention

Files stored on slow network volumes can of course slow down things a lot. What kind of connection do you use?

This was/is a 1 GBit hardwire via one router with 2-Gbit-Bond to a Synology NAS, very seldom used by more than two users in parallel.
But as mentioned, it had been a lot of files (over 20k) been read in synchronously which is ok be my, using a single line being the bottleneck.