long skinny pasted html text

This feels like one of those dumb questions…I know, the only dumb ones are the unasked ones, so here goes:
When I copy and paste text from highly formatted webpages (such as Amazon book psges) to DTPro, occasionally it turns into a skinny column just two or three characters wide and many screens long. Sometimes this happens after I edit the text to remove white space, images, etc.

Currently I solve this by cutting and pasting to Apple’s Pages, then back into DTP.

I know I could probably paste without styles and resolve this but I like to keep links intact.

Obviously I’m messing with the html somehow. Is there a remedy other than what I’m doing?

It’s neither wrong usage nor a bug - it’s a sometimes annoying consequence of Tiger’s HTML-to-RTF conversion using tables. Tables can be removed by using the Format > Table… panel. Or have a look at the Reformat command of WordService.