Long term backup

I have the habit of periodically zipping up a bunch of folders and putting them on S3 for long term backup (long term = many years). If I want to include DT in this backup, do I need any folders other than the folder that holds my three DT databases?

My goal would be to able to — n years from now — restore the back and see DT exactly as I see it today (not necessary things like UI preferences, but the data).

You can select a database and choose File > Export > Database Archive to create an optimized ZIP file of the database. You can also use Script menu > Export > Daily Backup Archive, which just puts a datestamp in the filename and puts it in a Backup folder in your Home directory, like so…


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Is there a way to automate that? I looked in the Smart Rules, but didn’t see it as a external script option.

There isn’t an option, but I am exploring something.

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I’m trying to do file/export/database archive – BUT it rejects my database because ‘verification of database has failed’. When I do ‘Verify and Repair Database’ I can see that it fails because it says there is a missing file, and the repair function doesn’t fix it. So – how do I either a) find out where it thinks there is a missing file and do something about finding it or b) tell it not to worry about the missing file and go ahead and create the database archive for export?

If you refer to page 170 of the helpful and comprehensive manual you’ll find some useful tips about missing files.


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Thank you! Problem solved…

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