Long time to go from desktop inbox folder to DT global inbox

Hi. It used to be almost instantaneous for an item placed in the desktop inbox folder (or saved to inbox on a mac) to appear in the global inbox in DT, but lately, it takes quite a while. I can see the item sitting in the inbox folder, and I’m not sure why it is waiting to be imported (sometimes it sits for 1 min). Is this controlled by a setting? Is there any reason this behavior would change?

Thanks in advance.

Does it persist after a machine reboot?

Yes, I have rebooted several times.

I am reluctant to rebuild the database because I keep having problems with that (sometimes it works and sometimes it takes a long time and then crashes). If these might be related, or if this is a bug and not expected behavior, I can submit something under a bug report.

The fastest way to check if there is a problem with the Global Inbox database is to close DEVONthink, move the Inbox folder and the Inbox.dtBase2 database to the desktop, then start DEVONthink. This forces the program to create a new Inbox folder and Inbox database. If you can successfully put the stuck file into the new Inbox folder and it imports without a problem, then the old database that is now on the desktop is broken.