Long-time user but still can't figure out how to perform an advanced search

Perhaps my question is too elementary, but I’m finding it challenging to find the documents I need at any given moment. Unless I remember the document’s location or can enter in the search field something specific enough to isolate the document I’m looking for from the rest of the database, I simply cannot find it.

It’s a shame, because I built my (multiple and large) databases with the objective of being able to search through them.

Where can I find a detailed tutorial on all the commands I could enter in the search field to narrow it down to what I’m looking for? For example. I figured a few things out on my own, such as “kind:group.”

I looked in the DT3 manual but it doesn’t seem to contain a full guide. Is this because the app follows Apple’s search conventions from, say, Finder? Should I look for guides on how to do an advanced search there?

Any tips on the matter would be appreciated.

Did you find the SEARCH OPERATORS section in the “DEVONthink Manual”? ~7 page of some details…

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Totally missed that. I looked under “advanced search,” didn’t seem to help. Thank you!