Long titles

OmniOutliner has a nice feature: if the “title” is too long to fit it wraps to another line - instead of truncating. Would this be possible with DTP (at least as an option)?

If you hover the mouse pointer over a title, it will be displayed in full in a floating pane.

At least on my machines (PM dual core 2.3 and MacBook Pro 2.0) it takes about 3 seconds for the floating pane to first appear. But if one moves to another title, it is displayed in full immediately.

Yeah, I wouldn’t like it if the title wrapped to another line. It would take up too much space in the source panel for me. I often have many many files listed at a time. But maybe if it were an option for folks who prefer it the other way? In any case, Bill’s options works well if you need to see the whole title.

Ah, yes. I almost never use the mouse, so I forgot this. Nice, thanks … but I have to use the mouse… :wink:

Sometimes the mouse makes possible things that would otherwise be clumsy or impossible.

It’s a tool. Call it a hammer. You might be able to hammer nails with a saw, but that requires you to remember 341 separate keyboard commands. Forgetting even one keyboard shortcut may require a lengthy stoppage of work in order to consult a reference and (for normal people) may occur frequently. But people who never forget keyboard shortcuts are probably psychotic and should be watched carefully. :smiley:

Just kidding.