Look at the Spreadsheet Attachments from Imported Mailboxes

I imported some old .mbox files into Devonthink. And some Apple mail files. And some others. They were all imported nicely by Devonthink! I can read the individual emails just fine.

I would like to have a smart group that goes through the messages and displays either:

  • Messages with Spreadsheet Attachments or
  • A bunch of spreadsheets.

I know there is one I need. I just don’t feel like poking around a million files to find it.

There is a criterion for search “Attachments” “Is” blank

Is there anything I can put in blank to make this work?

Does this work some other way?


Only the text of attachments is indexed but not filenames so far. Therefore the Attachments condition is just the number of attachments, e.g. Attachments is not 0 to find items with attachments.