Look of workspaces doesn't stick

I have some workspaces (in the Go menu). If I tweak a window in my view to my needs (columns, shown, column widths, sort order) and then choose Go Update, I will get that look the next time I Go to that workspace. But then other windows, in other workspaces, even showing other databases, will get those tweaks, too. Am I missing something or is this just broken?

No, this isn’t restored by workspaces yet. Workspaces support only windows, tabs & the viewed/selected items at the moment.

‘Yet’ sounds hopeful… Any sense of when this could be added?

If I understand correctly, for now, if want a column visible, I need to accept having it visible in every window of every database – that’s not what I expected for such an otherwise sophisticated – and super-useful :smiley: application.

Sorry, but we don’t comment on development timeframes. It won’t be next week… but it won’t be all the way until 2020 either. :wink:
Thanks for your patience and understanding.