Looking for a productive setup

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to create a workflow that works for me using DevonThink. I’ve tried several options but most have severe quirks. Let me explain my environment.

I have an iMac at home but most time I use a MacBook Air during my commuting. I use Aquaemacs + Orgmode to organize my todos, etc. I also use to keep an insane number of tabs open in Chrome in both computers. To save and process them I save them to Diigo adding them to my Read Later group. If I find it interesting I export it to pdf and save them in a folder structure in my Dropbox that replicates my Diigo groups.
My computers are mixed: 2 macs, 2 win and 2 android phones. I just need to keep it open.

My approach to using DevonThink:
-Keep a single database with all items.
-Keep files in their original folder and just index them from DevonThink.
-Use standard file formats so I can access my info from my Windows computers too.
-Keep pdf articles available to other programs like Mendeley Desktop, so I can find relationships in DevonThink and keep academical references.
-Import RSS feeds from Diigo by keyword and keep them inside the corresponding folder.
-DevonThink DB will be stored on Dropbox. (Yeah, I’ll made sure to close it before opening on the other computer)

My problems so far:
-Devonthink doesn’t know how to handle Org files properly, even if they are just plain text files.
-I don’t know how to make it so that if I update folder contents Devonthink autoindexes files. If Devonthink should be always open might cause some problems with Dropbox setup.
Maybe I could force index on my Dropbox info folder, but I fear it could overwrite comments or tags on already indexed files.
-I’ve not been able to try properly the RSS feeds setup, so I’m not sure if its a feasible approach. Could it work with Google Reader Starred items too?
-My 30 day trial is expiring. Is it possible to renew it so I can try all this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Trial Extension : Request

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