Looking for Steven Johnson's list of "tools for thought

At the risk of abusing our hosts’ hospitality, maybe someone here can find a pointer to Steven Johnson’s list of “nearly a dozen” tools with fast associative search.

I’m referring to his article “Tools for Thought” in the 1/30/2005 New York Times. Here are a couple of URLs for the article – your mileage may vary:
nytimes.com/2005/01/30/books … oref=login
nytimes.com/2005/01/30/books … ssuserland

In the piece he says:

From the structure of the piece I’d have expected to see a list of applications in a sidebar but the online version has no such list.

By the way, Johnson goes into further detail on his use of DEVONthink in two entries in his blog:

stevenberlinjohnson.com/mova … 00230.html
stevenberlinjohnson.com/mova … 00231.html

Any idea where to find the list of comparable apps? Thanks.

– Prentiss Riddle prentissriddle.com