Looking to identify a notes type/format

Hello wise guys,

IF you could enable “Edit > Copy URL” when a single note is selected in a database window, then I could do something cool with one of my workflows.

I recognize that

  • The business case is weak
  • It might not be appropriate for groups/smart groups and rules etc.

Possible workaround/better choice: I only need this so I can modify a macro’s behavior based on the type of document. Without the end of the document’s URL I don’t know how to do it programatically.

Thanks for your consideration!

What’re you using to run the macro, by the way?

Keyboard Maestro. A three-finger tap on the trackpad—Better Touch Tool as well—brings up a custom palette of actions for the current application. In DEVONthink, that palette allows me to open the current document in another app for editing natively (e.g. Preview for PDFs, BBEdit for Markdowns…)

Because I can’t figure a way to id the type of document programmatically, I have to use the palette to select the external app to use. Since it’s entirely deterministic by file type, it’s a tragic waste of time time to have to make the same directive over and over again.

I’m confused. Edit > Copy URL is enabled when a file is selected in the item list if the item has a URL.

Not for me I’m afraid.

Here’s the document selected in the list: p1

And here is the document opened in it’s own window: p2

Weird, huh?

It’s a bug with the document window then.

@cgrunenberg I confirmed this behavior.
In a main window, a file without a URL has Copy URL disabled.
In a document window, the same file without a URL shows Copy URL enabled.

Hey Blue. Well…great? I mean, it sounded super until the end there…are you meaning that I should never be able to “copy URL” and get the file path? Because that’s what I was hoping to do.

If that’s the case, let’s put the feature request hat on and ask for a “Copy file path” option?

Thanks in any case.

The URL is definitely not the file path.
What do you want the file path for?

Well, I guess I want it for two reasons:

  1. I can use it to figure out the file’s file-type, and solve my immediate need.
  2. It seems it would be useful in the future for file manipulation, for future need.