Loosing Confidence In DTPO

I’m a new user of DTPO – though I used it off and on over the years, I just started using it in earnest in the last couple of weeks.

This morning I was working intensively for about an hour and DTPO crashed. I lost everything I had done in that hour. It was important.

I’m a backup fanatic. I back up off site using CrashPlan; I have Time Machine running all the time; I make a complete backup with SuperDuper once a week.

But nothing captured the work I had done in that hour, which included creating a new database, moving material into it, and about 20 minutes of non-stop writing of ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks.

Now I’m wondering whether I dare rely on DTPO. This was a scary and discouraging experience.

This is very unfortunate.

Almost everything that you do in DEVONthink is saved as you do it. Create a database - the database is saved in the location where you told DEVONthink to save it. Importing documents - the documents are saved when you import them. If you create new text documents and either use command-s to save them or navigate away from them - they are saved in the database. So, losing an entire hour’s work, including creating and filling a database, has to have some cause other than DEVONthink randomly destroying your data.

I’d suggest your best route is to open a ticket with DEVONtech support (here, or here), give a more detailed narrative of what you did, what DEVONthink did, or what happened on your Mac. Support will help guide you through the problem one-on-one. It’s much more efficient than the general-opinion forum, in this situation.

Good luck …

Thanks, Korm, I’ll do that.

To add one more option to your backup madness 8) you can also check out the Backup Preferences in DTP. This will allow you to set automatic backups to be created inside the database. These can sometimes be used to resurrect failed databases.

Sorry it took me so long to respond, Bullfrog. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll do it now.