Losing formatng when importing a table from the Web

I imported a table from the Web (google.com/help/cheatsheet.html) into a DT Pro DB using Services (RTF). The text came through but the Table formating was lost. Should I be doing this differently?
Thanks for any ideas.

I made good and bad experiences with tables in Tiger’s RTF support. Sometimes, tables look good but others from the same webpage look bad. They are created the same way in HTML. It seems to be one of Apple’s limitations. And I hope this will be settled soon, the tables are a great feature.

In short: It seems you are not doig anything wrong.



It’s not your fault. :slight_smile: Apple’s Cocoa text still doesn’t do a good job with tables.

An HTML capture would be ideal for your example page. But that’s not an option under Services. It is an option, though, via scripts provided on your DT Pro download disk image. One of the Safari scripts will let you capture an HTML page that’s being viewed in Safari.

Bill and Maria,
Thanks for your replies. Now the next (embarrassing) question. I have used Macs for years but have never learned how to use scripts. I found the script you refer to Bill, but don’t know how to put it into action. Can you direct me to a outline of the steps involved.
I also want to add to what many on these forums have already said: The helpfulness of the DT user community is a big part of DTs success.
Thanks again.

Hi Geof,

I don’t know if this thread will help, but this script, saved as an application (in Script Editor) works really well. Here’s the thread:


I saved it as an application, assigned a macro (via Butler in my case) to it and it works great! Hope this helps,