Losing open tabs


I’m interested in hearing your suggestions or alternative workflows for the following situation.

I was reading a web document within DT and opened several links in new tabs. Those links pointed to webpages NOT stored inside DT. Leaving those tabs opened I needed to see something in a different database, and when I finished with that I closed that database.

The big problem is that closing that database also closed all opened tabs, even though I had opened those tabs while working with a different (and still open) database.

I cannot find a “history” of opened documents or websites, and since those tabs had content not stored in the database, I cannot use a smart group to recover them.

I’m interested in your suggestions. Should I always open in the external browser any website not stored in DT? Or should I always capture any tab I open (perhaps in a “scratch” folder)?

Thank you!


Which view was used after closing the database? Split, 3-pane, columns and tags views should retain the tabs, icon/list views don’t.

Thank you Christian, now I see what happened. I had two databases open, A and B. I was working within database A on 3-pane mode and it was there that I opened a few tabs.

Then I opened database C, which was also set to 3-pane mode. Worked there for a while and then when I closed it I was immediately moved to database B which was in list view mode, causing me to lose all opened tabs.

If database B were in 3-pane mode, or if it was not opened at that time, I would have been moved to database A instead after closing C, without losing any opened tabs due to A being in 3-pane mode as well.

What would you suggest? Not having database B in list view? Not having database B when not in use?

If you ask me I think it would be a good thing if an open database could “remember” the set of tabs that it had open. Could that be accomplished with a script?

Thank you!

  • Jorge

Using the same view for all databases is one workaround, another one is to open bookmarks in a new window and to open the tabs afterwards.

Workspaces (see save/load/delete workspace AppleScript commands and Go menu) might be a possibility.

Oh my, how is it even possible that I didn’t notice there was a Workspaces functionality? :blush:

Thank you Christian!