Losing updates to rtf files edited in Word

After editing a file opened with Word from Devonthink, the changes I made do not appear to have been saved to the file, and I’m a little freaked out to have lost so much work. The original .doc I imported into DT still exists, as does the .rtf version I was editing. Just all of the changes I made while working seem to be gone. Is there anything I can do to recover that work? I’ve just started using DT regularly, so I don’t have much experience navigating my different editing options. I used Word’s save feature as I normally would, which as far as I could tell was appropriate.

I did make a pdf copy before closing everything, so with a few hours of unpleasant reformatting I’ll still be able to continue work, but given the time investment, I’d love it if someone could please let me know what might cause this problem or whether there’s a way to try to recover those changes.

Thank you.

As posted several times in this forum, “Open With” doesn’t mean “Edit With”.

When DT Pro captures the text (RTF) of a Word document, it incorporates the RTF into the database and leaves the Word document externally linked.

If the original Word document is opened from DT Pro using Open With, then edited and saved, the edited version is saved in a temporary DT Pro folder that will be deleted when DT Pro is Quit. Tip: Always use Save As in such a case. Edit changes are not reflected in DT Pro’s database, so the edited version should be imported again.

If you have not Quit DT Pro, you should be able to recover the edited version using a Spotlight search for it. Then do Save As.

If you didn’t log out or reboot in the meantime, select the menu item “Go > Go To Folder…” in the Finder and enter the following path…



/tmp/DEVONthink Pro//

…if you’re using DT Pro. Chances are good that the edited file is still located in this folder.