Losing Window State After Crash

I am frustrated that DT loses the window state if it is shut down any way other than the Quit command. Today, my battery drained and my laptop shut all the way down. When I restarted every program came back to the previous window and tab state of the last session except for DTPO.

This is maddening as it goes back to a state with no tabs open even if a proper quit had occurred just a few minutes before the crash. Why can’t it at the very least go back the the state of the last proper quit, or better yet, the state just before the crash?

Is there any way to recover the window state of the last session, such as from the daily backup even though I have added hundreds of new documents? I should have the DTPO auto backup from yesterday.

It would really be great if this could be fixed and this would act like some many other programs such as Firefox.

They call it “abnormal termination” for a reason. If an app quits unexpectedly, the windowstates, etc. won’t be written out properly.

And no, if you get something from a backup, you wouldn’t have the “hundreds of files” you added too.

Development may have some feeling on this but there isn’t a lot of buzz on this topic.

“They call it “abnormal termination” for a reason.”

Yes, however, MANY other programs, including the ones I have written, easily get around this by merely making note of the last state before the termination. It is usually very simple programming. You simply have the program make note of the state every time the state changes. There’s nothing hard about that. Besides, DT already remembers the new data and everything else EXCEPT for the windowstate. Short of that, it seems like it should at remember the windowstate from the last proper shutdown. It just doesn’t make sense to lose the state of tabs and windows and have to start back at the beginning. I’ve lost hours of effort each time this has happened.

As for using the backup, again other programs such as Firefox have a separate file, such as sessionstore.js, with the state of windows and tabs that can be restored without affecting anything else.