Loss of Data and File Size

I have not been using my DT Pro Office much recently, and decided to open it to start using it for a project I have. To my dismay a lot of my databases were empty, and upon further inspection many of them had significantly gone down in size.

I looked at Time Machine and saw that most of them had decreased in size, sometimes by 80% or more. I am at a loss as to why. I tried to restore one DB that had gone from 30MB down to 18MB, but when I try to open it it is still empty.

I remember syncing my databases to my iPad a few months ago, which I hadn’t done in awhile. But I am not sure if that is what caused the issue. At that time I think the sync crashed twice.

Any ideas on what I can do? I didn’t want to proceed too far and make things worse before I talked to the forum. It looks like most of the DBs are good around 29 Dec 2014, and begin to lose size thereafter.

I suggest you create a Support ticket. See devontechnologies.com/contact.html

We don’t have enough information to respond on the forum, and would have to ask a number of questions. I’m glad to see that you have Time Machine backups. Comment: As backup utilities such as this don’t do error checking, it’s a good habit to run Tools > Verify & Repair once in a while to make sure a database is free of errors (I do that at least every couple of weeks).

What versions of DEVONthink Pro Office and of OS X are you using? How much free space do you have on your internal drive (if you run out of free space, the operating system may start overwriting existing data)? Do your databases use Index or Import capture of content? Have you run Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.app) to Verify Permissions and (importantly) to Verify Disk (if disk errors are present, the operating system can lose track of files and possibly start overwriting them)? Do you use an OS X maintenance utility such as C0cktail or OnyX to help keep the operating system clean and efficient (if so, make sure the utility has been updated to match the installed version of OS X)?

Have you installed utilities that modify code in OS X and may have caused problems, especially if they are not kept updated? It might be useful to list the items that appear in the last row of System Preferences, and their activation status.

Do you know how to Restore a database from a Time Machine backup (including the Global Inbox)? If not, we can walk you through the procedure. I generally advise keeping a copy of the current database before doing so. Note: Always close the database before copying it.

As the answers to some of these questions may lead to further questions, it’s best to hand this via a Support ticket.

Thanks Bill. I sent in a Support Ticket.

If you could follow up here in the forum after resolving the issue, that would be great. Would be really interesting to see what the issue was.

Wow, I had almost forgotten about this. I couldn’t get things worked out quickly enough for a project I was working on so I had to quickly use Evernote (I know, I know). I am going to migrate my Evernote files to a new DT database and go from there.

Knowing that DTTG is being beta tested is what brings me back. Half of my work is gathering information while on my iPhone and iPad. Looking forward to seeing it in action.