Loss of files on updating from DT 1.9.x to DT 2.0.6

Today I upgraded from DevonThink Personal 1.9.x to 2.0.6

In the process, the database was rebuilt - and 39 items (all rtf, rtfd, txt) failed to be imported. Right-clicking on the item to reveal it in the finder does not work.

In cases where the actual title of the document is shown in the log, the option “Show in Finder” is greyed out.

In cases of document titles like “000038.rtfd” (named so by DevonThink, apparently) the the option “Show in Finder” appears, but nothing is actually found.

How do I get the missing files back?

First, save the Log file resulting from the creation of the new version 2 database, so that you have a list of the missing files.

Next, lauuch DT Personal 1.x. Run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for errors. If none are found, locate the files listed in the Log and select them for export to a new folder you created in the Finder. If they were not damaged or missing in the old database, you may be able to export them, then import them into the new version 2 database.

The text filetypes that were not included in the version 2 database were stored in the DT Personal database files, rather than by native filetype in the Finder as they are stored in a version 2 database.

Note: After your attempt to find and export the missing files using the DT Personal application on the old database, we recommend that you remove the DT Personal application from the Applications folder, so as to prevent confusion of scripts and Services as to which DT application should receive new content.

Thank you. I re-installed DevonThink 1.9.9 and ran Verify & Repair. No errors were found. I then exported the database content as files and folders. It is nice to have my data back - and, on top of that, in the folder structure they should be in.

From this point onwards I could continue with DT 2 but I’m actually wondering if this is the best way forward (for me). Two issues:

  1. While the DT 2 database now stores the files in their original format (which is obviously a good thing), the database folder structure is completely different from the way I have structured my files and folders. Why? Is there some hidden benefit I haven’t spotted?

  2. DT insists on storing it’s database in the library folder of the system hard drive. I would much prefer to have it somewhere else altogether, on a RAID 1 array which is being backed up regularly.

  1. The storage structure of files within the Files.noinxex folder is dynamic, with significant performance benefits.

  2. You could move the DT Personal database folder named “DEVONthink 2” from its location at ~/Library/Application Support/ to your Raid drive, Then create an alias of the folder and move the alias to ~/Library/Application Support/. (Be sure to do this while DT is not running.)