loss of instant doc open in List View

The most recent DEVONthink Pro 2.2 update seems to have robbed me of minor but regularly used functionality.

It used to be that in List View (though only in List View), with Open contents after using “New with clipboard” selected in the Preferences, any new doc would open automatically for immediate input of content. Now, rather than open to doc directly, the doc name is selected in the List View and the doc has to opened with a further keystroke (as it used to be in all the other views).

Given that I title most of my notes after inputting content (most often via an Applescript that uses the first line), the new arrangement is a minor but practically constant annoyance.

I’ve no idea why this should have changed, but Is there any way the previous arrangement can be retrieved?


This preference is now only applied to “New with clipboard” as we’ve received some requests to “fix” the behavior. Unfortunately you’re now requesting a fix for the fix :wink: