Lost access to DTTG3 after iOS 15 update

DTTG3 was working fine for several years, synced well with my iMac, all good. Then updated my iPad to iOS15 and all that was left was the app icon. When I tapped it, took me thru a few pages to get to a new screen asking me to buy it again? What happened? Thanks, Tim

Did you purchase the upgrade from version 2.x?

Six months ago April 21, 2021, on my iPad, downloaded new version 3.0.6 DEVONthink To Go. Synced it up, all was working well. Now when I click on the DEVONthink to Go icon it only brings me thru several pages asking me to make a new purchase? What happened? Thanks, Tim

Sorry to be a pain Tim - did you actually purchase DTTG3 in April, or only download and use it? There was an extended free trial period. It might be worth checking whether you have a receipt from the AppStore or whether your credit card was appropriately debited around the time you purchased.

And presumably you are using the same AppleID as you did when you purchased DTTG3?

Thx for info Blanc. I think the extended free trial period has tripped me up. Have not made purchase yet. Really wish you would have sent a reminder re free trial expiration. If that has expired, then indeed I need to make the actual purchase, which I will do.

When I have completed purchase, will my DT data previously synced show up again? Hope so. Thanks, Tim

When DEVONthink To Go 3 launches, it should have copied over the data from version 2. Are you saying you’re not seeing that?

After completing my purchase and syncing data all is well with my DEVONthink To Go 3 now. It was not a problem with iOS 15 update at all, I had just forgotten that the extended free trial ended. Would have been nice to have had a reminder before then, but in any case I greatly appreciate your support. All the best, Tim

Glad everything is all set now.