Lost all notes on iPhone & can't Sync Need Help

Today, with no changes that I am aware of, when I tried to sync DTTG it wanted to completely resend the entire database. I’ve tried 3 times now but I can’t get the sync to finish. I suspect it’s timing out. No errors, looks like it’s done but the iPhone DT databases are totally empty. I’ve tried to sync each individual database separately. 1 Smaller one did sync successfully but the larger one is still AWOL.

I need to get the data I edited on my Mac today into my phone for travel tomorrow, any suggestions or help?

FWIW Sync still Sucks, to have something be working just fine and suddenly stop is most frustrating and the new sync stuff doesn’t fix the myriad of problems with the DTTG sync options. :sigh:

iPhone still can’t sync, tried deleting app and re installing but now the sync appears to time out in a different way. Gets about half done and hangs.

My iPad is still syncing perfectly with the same DT database on my mac. I used it for my trip even though it’s bulky but I need to figure out how to get it all back on my pone as well.

Sorry for the hassles! How many items do you have in your Mobile Sync group? Could you please try to move some items into a separate group and sync then?

OK I’ve managed to get it in sync. MAJOR hassle. My original sync group, that has been working for quite a while now has over 1800 items in it in one database and over 300 in the second database. For my trip I hauled my iPad which was still working properly and synced. When I got back I started trying to repair the iPhone version. What finally worked was syncing each individual folder with DTTG separately then finally adding them all back in and resync. It took a long time. Typically it would time out on some of the larger folders anyway and I’d try again.

I still wish there was a cleaner sync to portable devices. The whole sync group is cumbersome and difficult to use. I much prefer a sync that says either the entire database or not at all. I’ve separated out by database the pieces I do not want synced to my portable devices.

There will be.

Well, I hope this is an option, rather than the only way to do this. I don’t have a single database that I want to sync the entire contents to iOS, and most of my databases could not be synced entirely to iOS due to their physical size (capacity limit of the iOS devices).

Exactly, Greg. Thoughts like in your reply occurred to me when seeing OogieM’s “I much prefer a sync that says either the entire database” comment a couple days ago.

Synchronizing just a part of a database is a complicated thing to archive. The Mobile Sync group idea tries to do it but it UI-wise cumbersome and technically challenging. Also we are moving towards using sync stores, Dropbox, etc. And they always contain complete databases. Most users expect ubiquity of their data.

Comment from a real user via support last week: “My hard disk died and my DEVONthink database with it. You mean you really don’t sync my database with your servers and leave it just to me to keep a backup? You’re kidding.”


Eric, you know there is nothing in your present or planned sync technology that would have averted the support issue example you posted. That is, unless you plan on adding your own servers and moving to an Evernote-like model to data storage in DEVONthink. Is that something that is in the works?

My takeaway from your post is that DEVONthink To Go will continue to be a dead end for me. I cannot sync the entire content of all my databases to my iOS devices, nor would I want to pay for the level of Dropbox storage needed to host all of my databases. Thankfully I don’t have any client contracts that forbid me from using outside cloud services, so I can continue to store sub-sets of my database data on Dropbox for iOS access and index those folders into DEVONthink on the desktop.

It’s a conundrum: Some users want everything available everywhere and at any time. They don’t care whether their data is synced with servers in the clouds and unknown security settings. Other users however, e.g. lawyers, scientists, medical doctors, would never ever allow anything to be synced anywhere without total control over their data.

We still believe users should stay in control of their data. On other plans of our company I cannot comment before they’re publicly announced I am afraid.