Lost Connection To Data Trying To Use Dropbox...

OK, I tried moving the DEVONthink folder from my user library to Dropbox and then reset DEVONthink to access the folder now residing in Dropbox.

Unfortunately, DEVONthink apparently creates a brand new folder instead of accessing the moved folder. And so far I have been unable to move it back so I can access the data…

My impression from reading another thread on syncing is that using Dropbox should work… So what do I do to make Dropbox work? And if it cannot be made to work, how do I reconnect DEVONthink with the appropriate database?

You are using DEVONthink Personal 2. The Personal edition expects to find your database in your User Library.

To recover your database (with DT PE 2 QUIT!), delete the new empty database folder at ~/Library/Application Support/ and replace it with the one you had moved to DropBox.

I haven’t experimented with DT PE and DropBox. You might try placing an alias of the folder in DropBox at the location in your User Library where DT PE expects to see it.

Never move a database in the Finder while it is open.

If you wish to open a database from DropBox on a second computer, always make certain that it was closed after previous use on another computer.

Dropbox syncing has worked fine for me. I have, however, decided not to use Dropbox anymore as I’m a bit afraid that it’ll corrupt my database.

If you still want to use Dropbox for syncing, the best way is to make a symbolic link to your Dropbox:

  1. Open the Terminal

  2. Type the following:
    ln -s /Users/your_user_name/Documents/DEVONthink [space] /Users/your_user_name/Dropbox/Documents

your_user_name is the name of your user account on your Mac. In this example your DEVONthink folder will be located in the documents folder of your Dropbox.

Your databases will physically be located in the usual DEVONthink folder, but in the finder they will also appear to be in your Dropbox. For more on symbolic links, check this article:

macosxhints.com/article.php? … 0610290643


I use dropbox in a slightly different manner. I keep my database locally on my macbook, where I work on/with it probably 90% of the time. But I’m a little bit crazy about backing things up with multiple redundancies after an incident involving a full, and then empty, mug of copy and said macbook. :blush:

So, I use chronosync to sync my database from its normal location with dropbox (which then syncs it with the cloud). If I use a different computer to work on the database, dropbox’s sync will then trigger a chronosync at the scheduled time, and keep everything up-to-date.

So far so good, and I do the same thing with my scrivener and finished manuscript files. I also keep at copies of files I’m not changing on a regular basis on my mobileme account, using cyberduck instead of Apple’s built in webdav. It is still so slow, that I don’t update often enough to consider mobileme as really synced. More like off-site lockbox storage, in conjunction with dropbox for important files I’m currently working on. And on top of that I do daily time machine back ups. I also have a mirrored, bootable external usb drive that I manage with SuperDuper.

Oh, and I also sync my macbook and my imac when the two machines are in the same state together. I’m so frightened of losing a decade or more of research, writing, lectures, teaching materials, etc. to theft, crashes, natural disasters, you name it that my paranoia compels me… :open_mouth:

Thanks for the info on how to restore the database: it worked.

I’ll look into the alternatives that were suggested.

Thanks to everyone who replied!