Lost database in box and other default groups

Hi all,

Somehow in creating a new database I have lost its inbox and other default groups (e.g. “All Images”, “All PDF Documents”, “Duplicates”, etc.)

To clear, the Global Inbox is still intact, but the specific database inbox is missing.

I would like to restore this inbox so that I can set it up in my sorter in order not to have to place it in the Global sort inbox.

Note that for other databases created in Devonthink, their inboxes are intact, it is just for this one.

Is there a hide view feature I am missing or a way of restoring this inbox?


Further to my first post:

What I think I have done is somehow designated my “Global inbox” for this particular database, so in actual effect, I have lost the “Global inbox”.

I do note that this inbox does still appear under the “Global Inbox” Category.

The result of this is that when I move a file into the sorter inbox (which I assumed was a Global inbox for all of the databases I have created) it only goes to the inbox for that one particular database.

Problem solved.

What I did was mistakenly create an entire database structure within the global inbox. :blush:

To fix, I created a new database and basically moved my group structure from the global inbox to the new database. :smiley: