Lost help file.

I’ve replaced my notebook, installed DTPRO, and for reasons unknown have no help file. How can I get the help file installed?


If you mean the User Manual (Documentation) or the Tutorial database, they can be downloaded at http://www.devon-technologies.com/download/commercial.php.

But if you mean that the Help file that should be available by selecting Help > DEVONthink Pro Help is now missing, that indicates either a need to reinstall DEVONthink Pro or – more troubling – a problem with Apple’s Help Viewer application, which could mean problems with your OS installation.

That is the problem…even after re-installing. Everything else seems fine with DTPro. Also, when viewing the Help Viewer library, all my other programs are available. It’s just DTPro that brings up an empty window in the help viewer.

Not urgent - but strange. I do have the other documentation on hand.

Thanks Bill, and Happy New Year to you,

Deleting the caches (~/Library/Help Viewer) and preferences of Apple’s Help Viewer sometimes fixes strange issues of this utility.

Thank you - help is back.