Lost locked database

I am new to devonthink and had created a few locked bases as well as other open ones. For some reason when I open devon think now I cannot see my locked bases to open. Searching with finder shows files that were in these bases but I cannot open or access them

Welcome @zmzim001 :slight_smile:

Assuming you are using a current version of DT3, this may be because the databases have been renamed. For reasons which have been explained elsewhere in the forum, closed protected databases end with .dtsparse, whilst open ones end with .sparseimage. I’m going to guess something went wrong along the line and the databases are still ending with .sparseimage despite no longer being open. If you don’t know where you put the databases on your Mac (you really should know that, but these things do happen :wink: ) you might try looking for a folder called “Databases” in /Users/yourname/ - else try to search for .sparseimage or .dtsparse using finder. If you find files ending .sparseimage which you are sure belong to DT and which are currently not open in DT, you can safely rename them to end with .dtsparse. Then open them directly; they will open in DT and will then also be listed in your “Recent Databases”.

If I have completely misunderstood what is going on, please elaborate, and I’ll do what I can to help.


thank you you were spot on have now recovered my base

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