Lost my Spotlight index of my DPTO database....

Hopefully there’s an easy fix for this. After upgrading to 10.8, it seems that none of the documents within my DTPO database are returned when searching for them in Spotlight. There is no problem finding them via the search bar within DTPO, but I would like to be able to use Spotlight to retrieve the documents, as I did in 10.7.

I’ve tried searching for a way to force Spotlight to index the db, but I can’t seem to find this option (neither in Spotlight preferences nor in DT preferences).

Any ideas?


Select the menu File>Database Properties…> and check the Spotlight index option.

Thank you Greg for your quick reply! The option was already checked, however, after clicking on “Rebuild”, it now works perfectly. I guess somehow the Spotlight metadata file got out of sync with DT. Back in action–thanks again!