Lost password for db file

Hello everyone. I am using DT Pro 3.6.1 and have a db that I usually leave open so that when DT starts the db is right there ready to use. In the database properties menu I have a username and a password set. However, I do not know what the password is and am afraid if I close this db, I will not be able to open it again.

Can anyone tell me how I can reset the password or get rid of it altogether?

I see that they are a few very old posts that are similar in nature but one appears to say that the deleting the .plist file is no longer valid.

If that is still valid where do I search to find the .plist file at?

Thank you

If not the passphrase for an encrypted database is concerned and only the protection you configure in the database settings: You can open the database package. There you find a document Settings.plist. Open the document with a text editor. You find the password and the user name in the first lines.

Username/password specified in the database properties are only relevant for the synchronization (see description in the popover).