Lost rtf text after closing external window


I was editing a loger RTF text in an extra window. I closed it and now all my new text is gone. Is there any way to recover it? Why does DTPO not save the contents automatically? Just as it would be when editing it within the main window? Is there a way to recover the text?



What version of OS X and DEVONthink do you use? Over here, on DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.4 and Yosemite, DEVONthink always warns before closing a window with unsaved text?

No. Frequent Command-S is a good habit regardless of the program one’s using.

It doesn’t but that’s a good point.

Always – or just sometimes? Personally have never noticed slowness except for the network.

Yes, I have also been wondering why DTOP didn’t ask me before closing the window… It usually does! I sincerely think that file saving should be automatic just as if editing within the main window!!!

Pity for the text. Was quite a bit… And it seems that even my backup on s3 doesn’t have it…


PS.: I just noted that I can post just normally. Before I had to wait for my postings to be checked by a moderator and thought it would be like this for everyone. Deleted the line fm the original post…

One of my favorite raconteurs of Cajun stories, Justin Wilson, was also a safety engineer. He explained his habit of wearing both suspenders and a belt as “just in case.”

A number of Mac applications do have auto-save. Is it possible for that feature to fail under some circumstances? The answer is, yes. On two occasions over the years I’ve lost work in editing Word documents, for example. That’s not supposed to happen, and would be a rare event, but it can happen. My belt and suspenders approach is to get in the habit of periodically pressing Command-S, when I’m satisfied with the edit work I’ve done so far, no matter what application I’m using.

When editing a text document in the display pane of the Three Panes view, switching to another document in the same view list will result in closing the document and saving the edit work to disk. But until that happens, the edit work has not been saved to disk, and would be lost if there were a System or DEVONthink crash. If I had been writing the Great American Novel in a frenzy of inspiration and had never pressed Command-S in progress, it would be lost in the event of a crash — even if Time Machine backups were happening every hour while writing. Time Machine will only backup the files on disk, not the files in memory.

Assuming that work in progress has been backed up automatically can be dangerous (not only in DEVONthink). Justin Wilson was, in fact, a good safety engineer and a smart fellow.

I sometimes make good use of the behavior of text files in DEVONthink. My draft writing is done as rich text in DEVONthink. When editing a draft, I’ll open it in its own window. In that window I’ll experiment with edit changes, looking for a more felicitous phrase. If satisfied, I’ll press Command-S. Both views of that document, Three Panes and document window, will be updated. If I don’t like the edit, the original won’t be affected so long as I hadn’t pressed Command-S in the document window.

Although Eric has used a number of ways to prevent spam posts on the forum, spammers are always trying new approaches to get through. That’s why, when a new user first posts on the forum, administrator approval may be required before others can see that post.

Otherwise, the forum could be plagued with dubious pitches for pharmaceuticals, pornography and the like.

I get your point. Not a bad one…