Lost Scripts since updating DevonThinkPro Office

I have just installed the DevoThinkPro Office update 2.8 and a nuber of scripts have disappeared :frowning: especially any to do with PDFs. I use “Add PDF to DevonThink” a lot and wonder where it has gone! There seems to be quite a few ‘missing’ e.g. no adding a link to the current URL. I can not give a complete list as I can not remember all that was there before!!! Attached image of how things are now may help.

Any help most gratefully received. Thanks.

The removed scripts were obsolete/redundant, e.g. the same functionality is available via browser extensions/bookmarklets. Or in case of DEVONagent via the Data menu or the contextual/action menus of browser windows. And the built-in commands are actually more reliable & faster as they use the currently rendered web page.

Thank you Christian for your quick response. :smiley: