Lost sync w/Dropbox

Because of my main computer failure on which DTP was synch’d w/Dropbox, I booted from my laptop and an external drive. Upon opening my currrent dB which was NOT backed up previously, I do not see the dB in the synch window. Nor is it seen in the Dropbox folder.
Does this mean that back-ups are one-way only? e.g. from my computer to DBox?
Is there a means to restore the missing dB from DBox to my back-up computer?

I don’t use DropBox, but presume it works similar to a SyncStore.

Have checked to see if the location appears in the preferences?

You should either see your existing Dropbox location, or otherwise add it as new DropBox location. Once you can see the Dropbox location in the Preference sync window you should be able to Import the database.

Ran a diagnostic on the b/u drive (AppleJack) and rebooted. The missing dB appeared.