Lots of trash being created - unsure why

@BLUEFROG: I’m not sure whether this is a bug, perhaps you could help me understand.

I scan a file using ScanSnap. DT3 is set to automatically OCR, but due to the know bug doesn’t. I manually trigger OCR. The original file in the global inbox is moved to trash, and replaced in the inbox by the OCR’d version. The original file in finder (i.e. in ScanSnap’s folder) is not deleted. I now enter metadata by using Shift+CMD+i. At some point in this process a copy of the OCR’d file with the original file name is moved to macOs Trash. When I empty DT3 Trash a folder is created in macOS Trash called “Trash”, containing the non-OCR’d originals.

Question: why is an OCR’d version of the file appearing in the macOS Trash? Or am I worrying about this prematurely, because it is all part of the known auto-OCR-bug?