Love the new 2.0 pb6

Brilliant update! DT 2.0 is really taking shape. Great work. Can’t wait to see the final non-beta version without the yellow stripes!

Thanks for the nice feedback! But actually I will miss the stripes… :wink:

uh oh, here comes yet another user preference setting!

How about skins for Devon? :wink:

Gak! :open_mouth:

I wanted to chime in and say thanks for all the hard work and the features that keep arriving in every new beta. I personally posted a complaint about the way the groups panel looked (not worked) a few months ago.

It looks much better and more at home in the 21st century with the black panel display, thanks for that :slight_smile: it’s a little stupid thing, but when you spend hours a day looking at it, it matters.

Don’t know how well themes would work out, but man would that answer a lot of complaints rather fast. You don’t like how it looks? Then go change it around until you do!


This release came at a time when I’ve not had much time to spend with it and have yet to thank the team for doing all the little things that I’ve requested and for the big things that make this platform more than just an application.

But noticed this mention of the groups panel fly thru the feeds and didn’t even know that it is now the ubercool transparent graphite. WOW! Sweet! I’ll start using it again! :mrgreen:

more later…

Yup, it’s definitely an improvement to my eyes. Kind of makes the rest of the UI look more dated, although …

I’d strongly object to DTech devoting development and support resources to themes for its apps. If nothing more, and maybe only a minor reason, a single theme can help strengthen product identity/branding. I can’t think of any OS X apps in similar categories to DTech apps that offer themes; can you or someone else? Seems the developer consensus is they’re a non-priority, for whatever reasons. I think users who want them tend to be in a small yet sometimes passionate minority.

I’d like to be if it was better integrated with Spaces, e.g. auto-assigned to every space and/or able to be moved to a specific one. I want access to it in spaces where DTPO windows aren’t open.

The themes suggestion was more tongue-in-cheek rather than being serious, I concur with your opinion and can think of no professional application that supports theming.

My only real input was a positive one, I posted a msg mentioning the outdated look of the group panel a few months ago, and it was given an overhaul. I am presuming the entire process took probably 5 minutes at most and 3 lines of code and just used a different framework from Leopard to display the same thing using the transparent graphite HUD display, the functionality has not changed, but it makes a big difference on my eyes and it’s just much nicer to look at, especially when you’re looking at the panel on screen for a hours a day as I seem to be doing, I find the groups panel very useful for my own workflow. Thanks again!

Was that “copy page link” feature there before that links to specific pages in PDF files? It’s great anyway :smiley:

“Copy Page Link” has been introduced by pb6.

It’s mentioned in the Release Notes:

NEW: Copy Page Link contextual menu item for PDF pages, copies a reference to the selected page.

Sorry, I was actually looking for the release notes. But no luck. I suppose it is somewhere obvious.

How about Help > Release Notes ?

träsko, do you have any suggestions for more obvious locations to find the Release Notes than the Help menu and links on product pages? If you have issues with help resources then your specific feedback could be of value to DTech for improving them.

Me too. So many applications look vaguely similar, tree pane, index pane, content pane sort of thing, so it is a way of quickly spotting DT in the crowd.
Also looks kind of “industrial chic”. :slight_smile:

Go on - leave us a tickbox for the stripes. Otherwise I’m going to move all my databases to Microsoft Access. :laughing:

I just upgraded from 1.56, dreading using a new interface … but I too, LOVE IT! I was looking for a new manual, but found the help so good, I haven’t needed it yet! Having multiple data bases open is terrific.

Great work!


and it’s almost enough to make me stop using the beta.

It’s really spoiling my user experience, as I use DEVONthink all day long.

and it’s almost enough to make me stop using the beta.

It’s really spoiling my user experience, as I use DEVONthink all day long.