Loving DTTG 3.5, minor problem with Bonjour

I have to restart DTTG fairly often on both my iPhone and iPad to get it to show up as online for sync. Prior to doing that, the little cloud icon on the iOs devices is grayed out. After closing and reopening everything works perfectly for a few hours (not sure about how long) before I need to restart it again. I leave DT running all the time on my Mac-mini. I only sync with Bonjour on my local network. I can live with this minor issue, but wonder if I’m missing a setting or something obvious. Thanks.

Are incoming connections only enabled in the Sync preferences of the Mac (as recommended) or also on the iPhone/iPad?

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They were enabled on both. Thanks. Turning them off on the iPhone/iPad now, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read that they only need to be enabled on one end. :crazy_face: I still missed it.

I apparently did that backward. It didn’t work until I did the opposite, meaning I now have “enable incoming connections” off on the mini, but enabled on the devices. Now it is working.

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Bonjour should only be enabled on the device (note that’s singular) acting as the Bonjour server.
Commonly it’s a Mac when there’s one involved. However, it’s certainly possible for an Apple mobile device to act as the server instead.
What you don’t want to do is have multiple devices acting as the Bonjour server for the same databases.

I have an iPad as the Bonjour server, and only the one iPad. I still have to frequently restart DEVONthink to Go on the server iPad before my Mac and other iOS devices can sync to it. I’ve never reported the behavior before as I’ve never considered it a big issue.

What are practical real-world speeds for Bonjour? Would it make sense to set up Bonjour for use to sync an iPhone at home as well as WebDav for syncing when not at home? Would Bonjour take precedence at home as it is faster or would it wind up with duplicate syncing and not be helpful?