Low-hanging-fruit feature request - right-click to save embedded URL

Could we get a right-click contextual menu item “Add as URL to DevonThink” for URLs embedded in web pages and other document types?

When I mouse over and right-click on an embedded link (like the many on this forum page), there are no DT options initially (although I do have an “Add link to Papaly” for the bookmark extension I use in Chrome - so such an option certainly seems doable). When I click through to Services, there are many DT options for adding as text…but none that will save the link as a URL (I tried them all).

It’s not always feasible or desirable to click the link and open it in a browser before clipping it. Could we get the option to capture the URL directly?

Thanks! (and btw - I LOVE DT Pro!)

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases. Which browser do you use? Right now you could also drag & drop the link onto the Sorter or to the sidebar/main view of a DEVONthink window.


Thanks so much for your response. Because of my work (I’m an academic physician), I’m actually forced to use several browsers - mostly Chrome and Safari, but I find Firefox a little friendlier for research work.

I have experimented with several workarounds for the embedded links in Chrome. Dragging to the Sorter icon works best for me.

Dragging to the dock icon also works, although oddly, I get different results if the text is selected or not. If not selected, I get the firewalled URL (urldefense dot com…). Also, if I drag the unselected link to Yoink first, it “launders away” the firewall preamble.

It also works to right-click and Save Link As to the Global Inbox. This is actually slow for some reason (it takes 5-10 seconds to get the dialog box), but it does allow you to name the link before it is saved.

Since I have to collect a lot of these links, and I would really love to use DT as a bookmark collector and manager, it would be great to have Add as URL to DT as a right-click option.

(and maybe a hotkey option? The Sorter hotkeys do not work with embedded URLs either)