M1 Mac Mini --> Import Evernote | No notebooks

It’s time to move over 12 years and 26,000 notes from Evernote to DT3. I am working with an M1 Mac Mini with the legacy Evernote app installed. When I click Import --> Notes from Evernote, the script will open the Evernote app but then show “No notebooks” in the log file.

Has anyone tried importing from Evernote on an M1 with Big Sur? I’m wondering if the file location has moved and the script is no longer seeing the Evernote data files?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome @celler

Make sure Evernote is running first, then try the import again. Does it work as expected?

PS: I would not try and import all 26,000 notes in one go. If you have individual notebooks, I’d suggest one at a time to minimize resource consumption.

Same response.

Evernote app open
Click on Import --> Notes from Evernote
Log = “No notebooks.”


I uninstalled the electron Evernote app (10.x) so only the legacy app is installed on the machine. This time it found the correct files and permitted the import. Even though I had the legacy app installed and open prior to trying the import, having both versions on the machine must have created some confusion.

Thanks for the follow-up and yes, that would likely cause confusion for the OS.

@cgrunenberg: The special group doesn’t display the Evernote icon. Just a heads-up.


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Which Evernote version did you use for the import? The icon is retrieved from the installed Evernote app, it’s not part of DEVONthink.

Evernote Legacy 7.14.1 on macOS 11.1 on an M1 MacBook Air.

where would I find a download for the legacy version? the one I get from the evernote website or the mac app store are both the 10.x version.


oh sorry, I found it. by searching on duckduckgo for “download evernote legacy app” which took me to an evernote help page with a link.

No worries. Glad you found it.