Mac and PC Seats

I’ve recently downloaded DT3 to my mac and, so far, love it. I’d like to assign my second seat to my PC-using husband. Is this possible?

Welcome @Hillkat
We are glad to hear you’re liking what you see in DEVONthink! :slight_smile:

We suggest you convert your husband to be a Mac user and he can have the second seat. Haha! :wink:

Note: We are Apple developers, so DEVONthink only runs on Macs, not on Windows, Linux, etc.

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That’s what I was afraid of. There’s no converting him, so I bit the bullet and bought the server package.

That seems to work ok. He can log in and see needed docs. But there is one functionality problem I can’t figure out.

I have created a created a chapter outline within a formatted note. The outline has links to pdfs in other groups. The links work on my computer, but not on the server.

Is this a server problem? A PC problem? Can it be overcome?

There’s no converting him

I’ve been trying to convert my dad for years. He thinks Macs are cool and I let him unbox my last two MacBooks at his request, but he can’t bring himself to let his PC go. :slight_smile:

I am noticing a bug in the link in the formatted note. I am filing a bug report with Development.
However, if the link is in a Markdown document or an HTML file, the file should load in the display.

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Thanks for the response.

Now none of the links work – either on my mac or on the webserver.

Hoping this is because y’all are working on fixing the bug?

He could have bought a Mac, installed Parallels + Windows, took your second seat, sat next to you to learn how it all works, and had the best of all worlds. :slight_smile:



There is no bug with links we are aware of. Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Thanks.